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PHILIPS plasma tv power supply repair service

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42PF7520D/10 42PF5620/10

42PF5521D/10 42PF5331/10


3104 328 42861 , 3104 328 42741 , 3104 328 42742 , 3104 303 50161 , 3104 313 61281 , 3104 303 50162 , 3104 313 61282 , 3104 328 42681 , PSU2K5

this is a repair service for the philips plasma power supply with the following part numbers,


3104 328 42681

42PF7520D/10 , 42PF5521D/10 , 42PF5620/10 , 42PF5331/10

please check the white label for part number, only part numbers listed above can be repaired.

if you have the above philips plasma tv and it trys to come on but then your standby light just starts flashing 2 times or 6..3 then this means the power supply is most likely at fault and needs repairing.

please note this board has very fine print on the parts that need changing and i have seen a lot of boards now where damage has been caused by people trying to repair it!.

i suggest you dont try repairing this board your self unless you have the following specialist desoldering station, hot-air desoldering staion, under board pre-heater and a temp control soldering station to remove and replaced parts without damaging the printed circuit board.
pictures below show the damage to the printed circuit board when you dont have the correct equipment!.

if a repair has been attempted i will not offer a repair, if you send me a board where a repair has been attempted i will no longer offer a repair as 9 times out of 10 they will not be repairable, so dont waste your money or my time sending them!.

philips power board repair

please print off the packing slip here, fill out and place inside the box with your faulty board!

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