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other repairs

Parts shop / PCB repairs

Electronic repairs to a wide range of equipment

Stair lifts, Treadmills, Keyboards, Digital Signage, score boards

Digital signage

score board repairs

Circuit board repairs

to the popular Roland

FP8 Keyboard

Yamaha CLP-150

keyboard repairs

Stannah 420 carriage

stair lift repairs

Treadmill repairs

Gerber Fastrack 550

Plotter repairs

Mains inverter repairs

mains power inverters

PA Amplifer repairs

Dermaco vx pro

Ultrasound machines

in-car roof mounted dvd screens
rosen A7 ONLY!.
the rosen A7 suffers with picture problems,
dead not switching on, no picture,and not playing dvd's
cost of repair 65.00 including UK return postage.

rosen A7 repair service + return postage

repair service for your dead canon eos dslr camera 300d 350d 400d 450d
if your canon camera is completely dead with no power at all then box up just your camera and one battrey and send it to me for repair.
return postage will be special delivery next day.

canon eos dslr dead no power 300d 350d 400d 450d

Vauxhall Astra 1.7 DTI ECU (Isuzu Y17DT engine)

for Vauxhall Opel Astra, Corsa B, Corsa C and Combo 1.7 Diesel.

EDU / ECU Part numbers that can be repaired are
16267710, 8971891360, 8971891361, 8971891362 and 8971891363.

Common faults:
* Complete non start
* Hesitating
* Starts then cuts out
* Fault codes blaming the "Spill Valve" or "Diesel Pump"

all units are fully tested before and after repair and guaranteed for 6 mouths
repair cost is 49.99 + 5.00 for special delivery next day return postage
turn around time is 3 days.

if you need instruction to remove your edu please let me know.

This service is now discontinued vir post.
But is still available if your local to me.

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