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Repair information

How much will it cost to repair my TV?

Cost of repair will depend on a few things, like Make, Model, and the fault you have, for a better idea of cost please contact me with these details, but normally most tv repairs are more cost effective than you think, 98% of time even a 50in plasma tv repair will cost less than 100. have a look at my price guide or just give me a ring with your model number

Do you Charge a Estimate fee?

I charge a inspection fee up front 25.00, this covers my time spent fault finding the problem, and also includes the collection and return of your tv, but this is taken of the total repair cost if you go ahead with the repair.

What guarantee do you give on repairs?

All repairs have a three month warranty on the parts fitted as this is what manufactures give on new parts.

How long will the repair take?

This can depend on the fault, a stright forward fault is normally repaired within 24-48hrs, intermittent faults can take longer to find and also require longer soak testing before return, but most tv repairs if collected on a tuesday can be back with you on the thursday the same week.

Do you repair the TV at my home?

Normally repairs are done in our workshop as we have everything we need to carry out repairs setup, but some faults depending on the model can be repaired in your home, just contact us with the model number to find out.

The screen on my Plasma/LCD/LED TV is cracked/broken, can it be repaired?

It could but The cost of a new screen does not make the repair cost effective, your best option is to claim on your house or contents insurance, should they ask for a written engineers report then we can provide you with this at a fixed fee of 55.00, and this will be refundable from most insurance companys.

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